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How to Buy Xhifi products are sold through the finest audio/video, computer, and musical instrument dealers in the USA. For the dealer nearest you, please contact the factory at 866-55-XHIFI, or e-mail us at info@xhifi.com. We support our dealers and only sell direct to consumers who live in an area where no Xhifi dealer exists.

Xhifi wants all of our customers 100% satisfied with not only our products, but our service and support as well.

That's why we offer a 30-Day In-Home Trial with almost all of our products, and are available via phone, FAX, e-mail, or regular mail to promptly address any questions or comments you may have.

You can buy Xhifi products in the following ways:

1 Order Online
2 Order via phone at 215.253.8899.
3 Order via FAX at 215.469.4665, using our convenient FAX order form.

International Orders

If you do not live within the United States or Canada, you can still order our products direct from the factory! Just call us to place your order, use our FAX order form, or send us an e-mail...simple as that!


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