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Ever find yourself listening to more music on your computer than your home theater rig? Whimpering from those Cheetos-stained thumbs busted up from Vice City 2 sessions (sniff, sniff)? Does your iPod get more action than you do? Well, that means that you're a...typical 21st century piece of protoplasm! Welcome to the real world!

However, there's something that's been nagging at you...why does your computer sound like crap? It certainly doesn't sound like your home theater, or even your friggin' car stereo! Why does your Xbox have to play through your TV's cheesy speakers, or even those plastic bricks masquerading as actual audio products selling at your local office warehouse for $99 (including subwoofer...whoopee!)? When you bring your Nomad home, why can't you connect it to something worthy of the six hours you spent on Kazaa filling it?

Xhifi hears you...and will quench that thirst better than a Red Bull before karate practice. Just who do we think we are? Well, read on...

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